* Kick Start * ~ 4 oz Oil base Paint Additive

* Kick Start * ~ 4 oz Oil base Paint Additive

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4 oz. bottle

Speeds & Shortens the drying time of  1 Shot  Pinstriping & Lettering paint.

* Add a few Drops or Squirts to your 'Lil cup of 1 Shot  and You'll get the hang of it, in no time.

This really gives it a Kick in the Ass of drying speed   

..... PLUS ......
if you use it with 1 Shots #4007 hardener ~ you'll be extremely surprised!!!! 

* Try using ""just this"" No other Thinner ) ~ and you will be AMAZED

* Works Grrrreat in the "Winter" weather & Really Kicks it in the Summer.

* Makes Clearing over 1 Shot a piece of cake! ! ! 

* I personally guaranty you 100% ~ that I use ~ what I endorse, recommend & sell.

Proudly Made in the USA by Meeeeeeee

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