Mini Saber Scroller - Loyalty Card

Mini Saber Scroller - Loyalty Card


Buy 10 Mini Saber Brushes

Get 1 * FREE *

As an appreciation of your continued Loyalty ~ when you buy 10 Mini Saber Scrolling brushes directly from US or an Official Dealer ~

you get the ONE  * Totally FREE *

Everyone is automatically enrolled when you make your brush purchases "" from us ""

Or ~

*  Buy 10 from your favorite Participating Dealer ~ and you will get ONE FREE from that dealer ...... { you Can Not combine purchases between dealers }

*  All 10 purchases must be made from the same dealer who is participating in the program.

*  No Expiration date !

*  Redeem any size Mini Saber Scrolling Brush you want !

*  Here at the Dago World Headquarters, we simply keep track of your purchases & when you hit the magic #10 ~ we merely send you a " Free Brush " ~ it's just that easy AND we even Ship it for FREE

 ( Free Shipping is for USA customers only )