One Pound of Stir Sticks

One Pound of Stir Sticks


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Because of the * extreme * weight *  we would NOT suggest to ship these over seas!   ....  But if you insist, then please email us: ~ for a shipping price quote.

1 Full Pound

Wood Stir Sticks 

* Over a years worth of these Real Wood - Environment friendly tool, a pinstriper can't be without.
* Enough to keep at the Shop, at Home & in your Travel kit, Etc. 
* Works with either Right or Left handed Stripers! ! ! !

*** NOTICE *** 

When checking out with *THESE* and other multiple items ~ 

The Shipping system might hit you with a ridiculous high shipping cost.

.....DON'T FRET or PANIC......

Once we pack & select the proper shipping service, we ""always - always"" issue a REFUND back to your payment method!

WE are Pinstripers for Pinstripers & not out to rip anyone off, or make profits from mere shipping costs.!