Beginners Basic Pinstriping *Starter Kit*

Beginners Basic Pinstriping *Starter Kit*

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Free shipping is for the United States ONLY

 ***Basis Beginners Starter Kit***

""All you need to get Started""

Available in "Right -or- Left" handed versions

No need to shop at 5 different stores & wait weeks for delivery ~ it's all right here for you!

Here's what you'll get:

Three Brushes consisting of:

* #000 Pinstriping Sword brush

#2 Lite Saber Standard Scrolling brush

* Autograph II Signature Detail brush

* Can of Oil base paint ~ 

 (Color or brand will vary from kit to kit

* 6 Mixing Cups 

* 6 Mixing Stir Sticks

* 6 Pallette Cards

Bottle of Reducer 

Bottle of Brush Cleaner 

* Premium High Grade All Natural "Animal Fat" Brush Hair Preservative 

* Stabilo guide marking pencil

* Pro Series Shop Rag 

* Basic Tip sheet 

* 10 Von Dago Pro Series Sticker Swag items

* Other various bonus surprise goodies

Pleasezzzz Note:

This is NOT  a "Learn How to" pinstripe item ~ But merely a basic starter kit to have fun 'n play with paint & brushes within 10 minutes of opening the box!