LEFT HANDED # 00 Pro-Series Premium Pinstriping brush

LEFT HANDED # 00 Pro-Series Premium Pinstriping brush

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* Left Handed #00 *

The industry used to make them decades ago, but Quit due to the lack of Left Handed stripers ~ yet with so many Leftys out there now, we feel it's time to bring them BACK !

Our hats are off to those who've learned to pinstripe using a Right Handed brush of course ~ But THIS is a brush thats Truly designed to ergonomically:

** Properly Fit ** your Finger & Thumb 

The Ferrule Head Bump is on the LEFT SIDE for a better 'n more Natural Grip, which makes certain turns sooooo much easier to preform & removes stress out of your fingers 'n wrist ~ therefore just plain makes it feel way more natural 'n comfortable in your fingers, exactly the same as a Right Handed person feels!

* NO - pre-wash needed
* NO - major trimming needed
NO - ferrule leakage
* Out LASTS  3 - 4 times longer than
 the average brush !

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