Brush Preservative "Natural Oil" - 8. oz bottle

Brush Preservative "Natural Oil" - 8. oz bottle

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This ~ Natural Animal Based product has been specifically manufactured for Artists, to keep our brushes soft, fresh & most importantly of all ~ it greatly extends the overall Longevity & Lifespan of your brushes!!!

* Pure common sense is this:
Transmission fluid & Motor Oil have....

* Metal Cleaning Chemicals & Detergents *  in them to help clean the metal parts!!!!!!!
Since when, does an Animal (or Human) have a need for  * Metal Cleaning Chemicals to keep the Natural Animal Hair of our brushes soft & fresh ?  (or even Synthetic hair)

Same with :

Baby Oil , Mineral Oil , Saddle Oil .... and .... Oh my God ~ 3 in 1 oil

Using those products are left over fables & myths from the great depression of 1929 ~

Yes it's cheap, but for what our brushes cost, do you really want to cheap out  ~ and shorten their lifespan ~  ""Thinking"" you're preserving them ?


Just because it's Oily, doesn't mean it will PRESERVE the HAIR in brushes! ! !

And reverse it ~

by that thinking, then should we simply put Brush Oil, Baby Oil, Mineral Oil or even 3 in 1 Oil in our Car Engines then ???

Will it work  ....  Sure it will - it's Oil Right ?   LMFAO 

But HOW LONG will the Motors Last ??????

Jussst Sayin'

* Keep in mind the original host of the Hair was an ANIMAL ~ Not a 350 Chevy *

Proudly made in the USA