Synthetic Mini Saber # 00 Scrolling Brush

Synthetic Mini Saber # 00 Scrolling Brush

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Mini Saber # 00 Scrolling Brush 

This # 00 would be considered a * Small * size brush (My Personal Favorite size)

For those that like a "Little Snappy / Stiffer" hair ~ this 'Lil Scroller / Pinstriping brush can get it done!

Including some possible small "Script Lettering" for those experienced at Hand Lettering.

Works great with Oil based Enamel ~ 

(Not recommended to use with Urethanes

Made with a Specially imported **Synthetic Hair**    

Although it still has **Some Snap** of course ~ The hair keeps getting *Softer* as it continually gets Used 'n Oiled, Used 'n Oiled over time, Etc.

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