MACK-DAGO Saber Liner #0 - Out Lining Lettering brush

MACK-DAGO Saber Liner #0 - Out Lining Lettering brush

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Saber Liner # 0

Out Liner - Lettering Brush

From pulling long Out Lines on hand painted letters 'n numbers ~ to preforming a smooth Scripted name ~ you can do MORE with them, other than outline a letter, as the photos show.

These New specially designed brushes can handle what ever skill level you have. Including some light 'n tight "Pinstripe / Scrolling Designs" with the smaller sizes of the 4/0 & 2/0 for those that can Stripe.

Designed for the Master Professional, yet extremely beginner user friendly!

Works great with Oil based 1 Shot  Enamel or Urethanes.

Specially made & imported Soft  **Synthetic** hair ~ which still has some "Snap" of course ~ But continues to keep getting a bit Softer 'n Softer as they get Used 'n Oiled, Used 'n Oiled, Etc.  ~ and they preform like the closest thing to Real Hair as I've ever seen!!!


Jack Lindenberger, Tim Hulsey, Zach Mathews & many others all say:

* This New Brush & Hair is Fantastic *

Chrome Ferrule

Beautiful Black multi colored "mini flake" handle

Automotive Urethane Clear Coated Handle

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