The Mack - Von Dago *SIGNATURE BRUSH* the "Autograph II"

The Mack - Von Dago *SIGNATURE BRUSH* the "Autograph II"

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The All NEW......

* Autograph II *

Signature Signing Detail brush

Once again I used my favorite Synthetic Hair on this brush for Durability & Longevity (although I don't recommend using it with Urethanes)

I like to personally sign *My Nameto look like a stamp did it time after time, so the PUBLIC can easily tell *WHO* did the car they are admiring at a Car Show or in a Parking Lot ~

(let alone my peers)

I designed these brushes SOLELY for this purpose!
For absolute *Consistency* over 'n over 'n over!!!
Butttt ~ You're free to use it for anything YOU want, as you can see by the PHOTOS.

Yet, if you only use it jusssst for what it is intended for~ you'll get Years of Use & Value out of it !