Saber Liner # 12 - Lettering brush

Saber Liner # 12 - Lettering brush

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Saber Liner # 12 

Lettering Brush

Simply consider it a: Long Haired Quill

From pulling long Out Lines on hand painted Letters 'n Numbers ~ to preforming a smooth Scripted name ~ you can do MORE with them, other than just outline a letter, as the photos show.

Designed by & for the Master Professional, yet extremely beginner user friendly!

Works with Oil based 1 Shot  Enamel or Urethanes.

Specially made with imported **Soft Synthetic Hair** ~ which still has "Some Snap" of course ~

Yet they continue to keep getting Softer 'n Softer as they get Used 'n Oiled, Used 'n Oiled, Etc. 

Numerous Professionals Say:

~~~ This Brush Hair is Fantastic ~~~

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