"Seamless" & "Leak Proof" Metal pinstriping Brush Box

"Seamless" & "Leak Proof" Metal pinstriping Brush Box

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       Metal Brush Box
* Seamless & Leak Proof

Lightweight, yet Heavy Duty & Durable

to hold your Various brushes.

The big plus about these, is they are ~ 

* Leak Proof *
It don't have seems 'n holes like the spring equipped ones do,
and thus ~ don't leak any brush oil.
I've always hated those spring ones, because they leaked sooo bad, make a mess ~ AND ~ If a brush slips off the spring & the hair gets caught in it, then Kiss that brush goodbye!

Brushes NOT Described - NOT Included

Approx. Measurements are:

7 -1/2" L   x   5-1/2" W   x   1" D

I get asked about what I do about keeping the brushes in place?
( Photos shown are merely examples )
There are several different methods to hold the brushes in place. 
* Piece of scrap Foam or Wood dowel with notches for the brushes
* Use Plumbers putty
* Piece of Weather stripping
* Be creative ~ it's not Rocket Science

* I will Include a few items you can possibly use to hold your brushes in place.